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Why Choose Us

Alexander Appraisal understands the difficulties that may arise when there is a death in a family, divorces or even bankruptcy and know that you want a trustworthy company to enter your home. We can assure you that we are the best company for the job; we will make this transitional period as comfortable as possible. 

You should choose Alexander Appraisal because our appraiser:
  •     Has been in the appraisal industry for over 20 years
  •     Is a certified member of the International Society of Appraisers
  •     Co-founded the North Carolina Chapter of International Society of       Appraisers
  •     Offers digital inventory service for proof of ownership and insurance 

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality of her work. She has researched items from my mother’s estate, assigned values to them and written a report which will be passed on to our estate lawyer to help determine the value of my mother’s personal property. In addition, Louise priced, marked and carried out a very successful estate sale of personal property in my mother’s house in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte. There was a great deal of inventory, many fragile items and a complicated situation where the family items had to be separated from the items for sale.  Everything was marked, the family items were protected and items for sale were sold. I was impressed with Louise’s efficiency and hard work; I enjoyed working with her and appreciated her professionalism and attention to detail. I recommend Louise without hesitation, and would definitely work with her again in the future.” – Barbara H.

“Absolutely you can depend on Ms. Phillips. I recommend her highly. Due to a family tragedy Ms. Phillips took on the complicated liquidation with literally no help from our family as we were out of town. She performed professionally and without fault. She even found and returned a sizeable amount of cash to us; thus attesting to her honesty and integrity. She settled on time and as promised. I feel well qualified to assess Ms. Phillips work since my wife was in the estate liquidation business in Memphis for 30 years. We have high standards.” – Joe M.

“It took a big load off my mind to know that you had the knowledge and experience to come in and organize, price and sell the items and later dispose of that which didn’t sell. You did it very efficiently and professionally and you were very pleasant to deal with.” – Patricia M.

“I would highly recommend Louise Phillips. She will do it all for you. All you need to do is separate what you want from what you don’t want. She will advertise, appraise, seek out buyers for specialized things, make an artful display for the sale and conduct the sale. She will clean up after the sale and donate the remainder to charity. She even sold plants from my yard with my approval. I made much more than I was expecting from the sale.” – Peggy M.

“I was extremely impressed with her knowledge of merchandise and clearly understanding the market value of everything in the home. To both my surprise and amazement, most of the merchandise was sold. The company did an excellent job of advertising, signage, and provided an adequate staff for the sale. I came to Charlotte the day before the sale and witnessed the entire process.” – Stephen K.

“I can personally vouch for her honesty and integrity. I highly recommend her and her assistants to anyone having to make a transition. Louise and her helpers did a professional job, and they all were very caring and understanding of the emotional and physical stress I was experiencing as a result of moving from my home of 40 years to a small retirement apartment.” – Margaret S.

"I was very impressed with your company as well as rates. Thanks for the good service." – R.M.  


  1.     Take a general overview of your property. Mentally separate that about which you know (i.e. cost and date of purchase) from that about which you do not know.
  2.     Gather together any earlier appraisals and all bills of sale or receipts. Place these on or near the appropriate item. They may or may not help me, but please make them available if you can.
  3.     Arrange your silver in appropriate groupings. Put all of one silver pattern together and count each specific piece. Either label each grouping or make a list on a piece of paper. Example: “Prelude pattern by International Silver, Co.; 15 dinner forks, 7 soup spoons, etc.” Do not mix patterns by placing all like pieces (forks, spoons, etc.) together.
  4.     Separate sterling silver flatware and hollow ware from silver plated items.
  5.     Match and count all china and crystal patterns. If sets are stored in boxes, closets or cabinets, take out one of each piece and count the other pieces. I need to see the items in your possession to establish their existence and condition, but you can save time by counting them in advance. Remember the china serving pieces that might be stored separately!
  6.     If you are having your linens appraised, organize them in clear sight as you have your china, i.e. a sample of each item set out with the quantity already counted.
  7.     For an appraisal being done for estate tax purposes, please provide to me in writing (1) full name and former address of the deceased, (2) date of death, and (3) any items specifically requested in the will.